Fishing trip Sweden

I am a Dutch boy of 12 years old and I live with my family in Copenhagen (Denmark). For my 11th birthday I got a fishing trip to Sweden with my dad. Unfortunately it got canceled several times because of corona. One year later covid restrictions were no longer there so we could go... finally! After a 3 hour drive we arrived and we met two super nice people, Anton and Erna. We stayed in a very cozy stuga which had a nice fire place. After getting a nice drink and a piece of cake we went to one of the fishing lakes. Anton was so kind to drive us there with the fishing boat and be our fishing guide that afternoon. He even let us use his baits which was very kind of him. On that first day my dad caught a small pike within 5 minutes. Two hours later I caught a pike that was slightly bigger than the pike my dad caught, but after that we didn't catch anything anymore. The following day my dad and I went together in the boat and we only caught one small pike. The third day Anton drove us to a different lake. It was a long cold and rainy day. The fishing was tough as we didn't get a bite for over 6 hours. But when we were about to stop, we got a massive strike on my fishing rod and it was directly clear to me this was a big one. After a while we managed to land the pike and it was a beautiful pike of 94 cm, which put a very big smile on our faces. This was exactly what we came for... to catch a big pike!
On the last day we only could go out fishing for a few hours and Anton took us to another beautiful lake. That morning it was really cold and after two hours my toes were extremely cold, so I wasn't that sad that we stopped fishing. When we came back to the stuga Anton had a surprise for me: I was allowed to shoot with his hunting rifle and I also could shoot with a shotgun as I could do some skeet shooting as well. So far I only shot guns while playing Fortnite and other games, but this was the real deal... didn't expect the backfire to be so powerful!

Overall, I had an amazing weekend with my father and I really hope that I'll get a similar fishing trip at Antons place for my next birthday!

Sven van der Knaap